1. BUCK Ergohunter Small Game Pro Knife

    Buck's ErgoHunter Series is a series of knives with an ergonomic design that improves hunting performance, and our innovative ErgoHunter TM Series has handles that provide the comfort and knife control so important in the field. The blade shapes are also designed to enable different grips required for each special task, such as skinning, caping and boning. With options in steel types and handle materials, the ErgoHunters TM offer a choice of good-better-best. Each handle on an ErgoHunter Knife features a very well designed ergonomic "Palm Swell" contouring, a term coined in firearm grips, for maximum comfort and reduced hand fatigue. Raised, machine-cut checkering provides a secure grip. The folding blades have ambidextrous one-hand opening convenience.
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