1. Spypoint Link Evo Cellular

    LINK-EVO connected to your passion! A new quality-priced cellular trail camera providing you with photos 24 hours a day without travel or SD card retrieval.

  2. Spypoint wireless motion detector

    The wireless motion detector can detect any moving heat source.

  3. Spypoint Wireless Motion Detection Sysytem

    The SPYPOINT WRL kit is a wireless motion detection system which contains a pager and a motion detector (WRL-B). When the sensor is triggered, a wireless signal within a maximum range of 1000ft is transmitted to the pager. A vibration and a LED light can identify which detector has been triggered (up to four detectors WRL-B can be combined to a pager). A buzzer can also be triggered upon detection. The SPYPOINT WRL kit is primarily used by hunters to inform them of the approach of their game. It is also used in the field of residential and commercial surveillance.

  1. Dummy Spypoint Camera

    • Camera housing that simulates a real surveillance camera
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