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  1. BROWNING Tactical Hunter Flashlight

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  2. BROWNING Outdoorsman Axe

     Designed with the outdoorsman in mind. The outdoorsman axe is designed to be lightweight and excels at tasks around the campsite, whether you're out hunting, fishing, camping, or testing out your wilderness survival skills.

  3. BROWNING Night Seeker Cap Light

    Hands-free illumination that can be carried in your pocket. Powerful lights that cast a wide beam are very useful, but sometimes you just need some working light and both of your hands-free.
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  1. CRKT Hissatsu Trainer

    CRKT Hissatsu Trainer. 12.25" overall. 7.125" unsharpened tanto blade. Blue Twin-Fused handle, double injection molded with a high impact polypropylene core, butt and hilt,a nd a non-slip Kraton handle surface. Multi-position carry blue Zytel sheath.

  2. CRKT Mini My Tighe (Black) - Veff Serrations - Designed by Brian Tighe

    After we introduced Brian Tighe's popular production My Tighe™ several years ago, the questions began: "When can I get a slightly smaller personal carry version?" So we went to Brian with the request, and he designed the Mini My Tighe™. It is not simply a scaled-down version of the bigger frame-lock model, but was carefully reproportioned by Brian, reflecting his passion for design detail. Like the larger My Tighe, we are offering two finish schemes, one in satin finish and one in black. Handle length is 3.73" and weight is reduced to 3.8 ounces, much more convenient for daily in-pocket carry. On our "K" model, the blade is coated with black non-reflective titanium nitride for maximum corrosion resistance, while the frames are black EDP plated. The result is a non-reflective tactical look. The 3.0" blade also has asymmetrical spine facets, high-hollow grind and deep belly with recurve. Steel is 1.4116 stainless. It features our exclusive and patented Combination Razor-Sharp Veff™ Serrated edges. The smaller frame-lock folder also has an open build with heavy-duty 420J2 stainless steel frames and a 6061 T6 aluminum back spacer. The injection-molded black glass filled nylon scales have a deep random dimpled texture. Torx® fasteners are used throughout. Our patented OutBurst™ assisted opening mechanism instantly springs the blade fully open after you have opened the blade approximately 30°. All models have bronze and lubrous washers at the adjustable blade pivot for smooth, fast action. Like its bigger brother, dual ramped thumb studs allow the Mini My Tighe to be quickly opened with either hand. The smaller models also feature a custom removable black stainless steel pocket/gear clip. So if you love the My Tighe, the Mini My Tighe gives you all the style, all the features, and all the performance in a compact package. Why, it reminds us of another successful Mini. 

  3. CRKT Heiho - Designed by James Williams

    James Williams is actively involved in teaching Military special operations and government security professionals who must at times perform their daily high-risk duties in environments which do not allow them to carry firearms or a large fixed blade knife such as the Hissatsu™. They asked James to design a folder with the defensive power of the Hissatsu that could be carried in a pocket or clipped under a jacket. The result is the CRKT Heiho. This model incorporates our OutBurst® assisted opening mechanism, which instantly springs the blade fully open after you have opened the blade approximately 30 degrees. The Heiho uses our stainless steel InterFrame build with stainless steel liners, one locking, and textured G10® scales that are machined with Japanese kanji characters that signify ôStrategy- system of strategy." A thumb disk allows rapid opening with either hand, and the custom stainless steel clip can be quickly and easily mounted right- or left-handed with a single screw, yielding knives that are truly ambidextrous. The satin-finished 3.125" blade is easy to conceal carry. It weighs only 3.6 ounces. Because some operators prefer it, we have used our patented* LAWKS®, the Lake and Walker Knife Safety innovation. LAWKS® sets a pin between the locking liner and the frame. This pin acts as an additional layer of safety, so the locking liner is less likely to disengage during use. To engage the safety, push the LAWKS® lever forward. To close the knife, pull the LAWKS® lever back, slide the locking liner over, and fold the blade into the closed position. This tactical folder is overbuilt to last. For those who have a need to use them, this is as much defensive security as you can find in a small tactical folder. 

  1. CRKT Free Range Hunter Small Fixed Blade - Designed by Russ Kommer

    Professional hunting guide Russ Kommer hunted more than 160 days last year. And that's where his designs for his Free Range Hunter® series originate: in the field. Everything he makes is tried and tested and his Small Fixed blade Free Range hunting knife is no exception. It's lightweight and portable for retrieving the animal that ran down a draw before it dropped. The all-weather grip handles are confident in hand when you're dressing big game in the field. Carry this fixed blade knife on your belt. Mount your trophy buck over your kitchen sink.

  2. WORK SHARP Knife & Tool Sharpener

    The Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener is the first knife sharpener designed to sharpen every knife you own.The Work Sharp Knife Sharpener can sharpen just about any knife. This sharpener was designed from the start to sharpen a variety of knives. We've tested it ourselves on hunting knives, kitchen knives and even fillet knives. It handles knives beautifully.Abrasive BeltsThe Work Sharp Knife Sharpener uses abrasive belts to do the sharpening. These belts measure 12" long and 1/2" wide. The kit comes with two P80 grit, one P220 grit and two 6000 grit belts. The 80 grit is used for heavy grinding, the 220 is used for sharpening and the 6000 polishes the edge to a near mirror finish.Guided SharpeningThe guided system maintains the proper angle for you, solving the biggest problem in sharpening. The knife sharpener comes with 2 guides, one for outdoor knives that produces a 25 degree angle per side (a more durable edge), and another guide that produces a 20 degree angle for kitchen knives.Sharpens Many Types Of KnivesUnlike many sharpeners that only sharpen regular straight edges, the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener can sharpen many hard to sharpen edges. It can sharpen fine blades or thick blades. It can sharpen serrated blades. It can even sharpen blades with a gut hook.Sharpens More Than Just KnivesWhile we call it a knife sharpener, it does more than just sharpen knives. It has a guided system for sharpening scissors. Also, by removing the guides completely, you can use the abrasive belts to grind (and/or) sand in hard to reach areas. We have found this feature to be very useful for sharpening lawnmower blades. By using the P80 grit belt, you can easily sharpen your lawnmower blades, (even the mulching blades).

  3. WORK SHARP Knife & Tool Sharpener - Ken Onion Edition

    The Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener is a step up from the Original Knife & Tool Sharpener. We recommend the Ken Onion Edition for knife enthusiasts and collectors, folks that use specialized cutlery in the kitchen (such as Asian or European knives), people that have a lot of knives to sharpen or wish to put custom bevels on their blades – and anyone that enjoys having the best of the best.
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