1. BENELLI MR1 .223 Remington

    MR1 is the semi-automatic rifle that better symbolizes all that Benelli energy, versatily and reability. It aims to provide a weapon combining the benefits of military models with those of civilian guns. The gas system, the safe hardwearing locking system, and the use of high quality materials constructed in compliance with the strictest industrial parameters, mean that MR1 can guarantee high performance in a .223-caliber Remington. Derived from the Benelli M4 12-caliber semi-automatic designed to guarantee exceptional operation and 100% reliability in all situations and conditions. A rifling pitch of 9" has been chosen from this new Benelli, meaning that the weapon can make best use of the performance of all bullet types. Easily handled, 100% reliable, hard-wearing, durable, safe, versatile, easy to use and precision shooting: these were the objectives underpinning the MR1 design.
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  2. BENELLI R1 .270 WSM Big Game Rifle ComforTech® Black Synthetic

    Benelli’s R1 big game rifle features simplicity, strength, and ingenious design. It’s built around the patented Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated (A.R.G.O.) piston-driven system.
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  3. BROWNING BL-22 22 LR Grade I

    Short-throw lever-action. Lever travels through an arc of only 33 degrees and carries the trigger with it, preventing finger pinch between lever and trigger on the upward swing. Forged and milled grooved steel receiver. Adjustable folding leaf rear sight, raised bead front sight. Recessed muzzle barrel. Designed to handle .22 caliber ammunition in any combination from tubular magazine.

  1. BROWNING X-Bolt Carbon Fibre SS Fluted 30-06

    Combining sports car style with pickup truck utility, the X-Bolt Stainless Stalker Carbon Fiber Fluted rifle has undeniable appeal. The reduced weight fluted barrel combined with the carbon fiber weave pattern on the stock lend a futuristic feel to a rifle that is truly one of the most advanced bolt-action sporting rifles around. 
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  2. CHIAPPA 1886 KODIAK .45-.70 18.5"

    Its look is sporting yet elegant, offering an outstanding match of comfort and aesthetical value. Stock and forend are made of wood with “soft touch” paint, a layer of matt black rubber which gives the surface a firm and pleasant grip; the rubber butt plate is particularly soft. Receiver, bolt, lever, barrel and all visible metal parts are protected by corrosion through a special, matt chrome treatment (called “hard chrome”) which, besides being absolutely elegant, remains unaltered through time. The Hard Chrome treatment contains ruthenium, a metal of the platinum family which yields an opaque finish that will not highlight finger marks.
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  3. CHIAPPA 1892 Take Down Rifle ALASKAN 20" .45LC 920.322

    The Alaskan combines tradition with modern technology creating one of the fastest handling 1892 Leveractions designed specifi cally for the hunting market. A take-down rifle chambered in caliber .44RM and featuring the time-proven 1892 action, the Alaskan delivers serious knock-down power when using Hornady LEVER evolution Ammunition which the action is specifi cally tuned for. 
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    With years of experience of remanufacturing the original 1874 Sharps design, Chiappa Firearms has been building one of the best reproductions of the 1874 Sharps available today. Expect nothing less when you consider the smaller version of the Chiappa Sharps to add to your collection of fine arms! This elegant, small frame version of the 1874 Sharps dropping block action has been reduced in size by 20% while the weight is about a half of the original rifle. It has a case colored receiver and a two piece, straight grip walnut stock with a steel butt plate.
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    Single barrel foldable rifle, extremely light for the most comfortable carry. Pulling the lever, it folds to its barrel length. Accessories included: nylon carry-bag (by 16,5" versions), special cartridge holder. The quad rail picatinny can fit your favourite accessories.
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